Davetli Konuşmacılar

Dr. Maria Kavussanu CV School of Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation Sciences - University of Birmingham Research Field: Morality in Sport, Authentic Leadership, Doping Prevention
Dr. Stacey Pope CV Department of Sport and Exercise Sciences - Durham University Research Field: Gender and Inequality in Sport, Women Sports Fans, Sports Sociology
Dr. Holger Preuss CV Institute of Sport Science - Johannes Gutenberg-University Research Field: Economic and Socio-Economic Aspects of Sport
Dr. Andrew Jones CV Department of Sport and Health Sciences - University of Exeter Research Field: Control of Skeletal Muscle Oxidative Metabolism, Exercise Related Fatigue, Respiratory Physiology, Endurance Sports Performance Physiology and Nutrition
Dr. Ann MacPhail CV Department of Physical Education and Sport - University of Limerick Research Field: Instructional Alignment, Curriculum Development, Curriculum and Instruction Models
Dr. Henning Wackerhage CV Department of Sport and Health Sciences - Technical University of Munich Research Field: Muscle Aging, Genetics of Muscle Mass, Muscle Fiber Distribution and Function, Mechanisms by Which Exercise Influences Cancer and the Association Between the Proteome, Metabolome, Athletic Performance and Health
Dr. Lars Borghouts CV Fonty University of Applied Sciences Research Field: PE Assessment, Motivational Climate, Lesson Study, Continuing Professional Development
Dr. Jim Parry CV School of Philosophy, Religion and History of Science - University of Leeds Research Field: Sports Ethics, Social Philosophy
Dr. Mark Burnley CV School of Sport, Exercise and Health Science, Loughborough Research Field: Endurance physiology, The Oxygen Optake and Metabolic Responses to Exercise and the Power-Duration Relationship
Dr. Konstantinos Georgiadis CV Department of Sports Organization and Management ,University of Peloponnese Research Field: The History of the Modern Olympic Movement, The Revival of the Olympic Games, Olympic Education, The Ethical and Philosophical Dimensions of Olympism
Dr. Magni Mohr CV Faculty of Health, University of the Faroe Islands, Tórshavn Research Field: Skeletal Muscle Metabolism and Fatigue Development During High Intensity Intermittent Exercise Using Manipulations Such as Fitness Training, Drug and Nutritional Supplementation, Exercise Intensity, Exercise Mode, Exercise Duration, Recovery, Hyperthermia and Hypoxia